Personnel Policies

Personnel Policy Committee

The Personnel Policy Committee will consist of seven classroom teachers elected by classroom teachers and one administrator appointed by the superintendent and approved by the school board. The superintendent may serve as an ex officio member of the committee. Classroom teachers will include librarians, counselors, and other non-supervisory personnel.

Elections shall be held during the month of September. All elections shall be by open nomination and secret ballot. Teacher members of the PPC will serve staggered three-year terms. To accomplish this during the school term, existing members will draw for length of position. The committee will consist of two members from DeWitt Elementary School campus, two members from DeWitt Middle School campus, two members from DeWitt High School campus, and one member from Gillett Elementary School campus.

2021-2022 Personnel Policy Committee Members

  • Dot Hubsch

  • Bobbie Steeland 

  • Dana Horton 

  • Joanne Cox 

  • _____________

  • Misty Dumond 

  • Melanie Hill

PPC meeting times and locations will be posted as soon as they're available.