Art lll students used colored paper on a black background to design a collage to create the impression of stained glass. Each student began with an original drawing, which was used as a template to cut out colored paper pieces of "stained glass", which were carefully spaced and glued to a black paper board to represent how stained glass is put together. When completed, students applied several layers of polyurethane to their art piece to create the illusion of shiny glass. We call this project "Stained Glass Collage".

1st Place - Kenasia Daniels

2nd Place - Breana Watkins

3rd Place - Lillieanna Franks

Kenasia Daniels, 1st Place

Breana Watkins, 2nd Place 

LillieAnna Franks, 3rd Place

Art lV students did a study of how light and shadow illuminate colored glass when overlapped. Students placed colored bottles on white paper and used lighting to create a variety of colored shadows and mixtures of color. Oil pastels were used to create these "Colored Bottles".

1st Place - Ashlynne Jenkins
2nd Place - Makenna Ross

Ashlynne Jenkins, 1st Place

Makenna Ross, 2nd Place