These are the winners for DeWitt High School Faculty Favorites for the 2nd Nine Weeks.

Art l studied the Mexican celebration of the "Day of the Dead' by creating original Sugar Skull drawings. The skulls were drawn on black paper with clear glue, then the designs filled in with colorful pastels.
1st Place - Trinity Bright
2nd Place  Jaden Steeland
3rd Place - Kila Bailey

Trinity Bright, 1st Place

Jaden Steeland, 2nd place

Kila Bailey, 3rd Place

Art ll created paintings of old vehicles, or "Junkyard Jalopies" Students drew out an old jalopy, then used acrylic paint to create color, texture, and shading, including a background.
1st Place - Brooklin King
2nd Place - Gabriel Vega
3rd Place - Faith Rowland

Brooklin King, 1st Place

Gabriel Vega, 2nd Place

Faith Rowland, 3rd Place