ALE to capital

DeWitt School District's Alternative Learning Environment Program was honored on Thursday, February 17 at the Arkansas State Capitol. We received an award for high achievement in ELA Scores on ACT Aspire.  Mr. Hal Qualls, DHS ALE Teacher, and Mrs. Rachel Mitchell, DMS Principal took students on a tour of the capitol before and after the award ceremony.  They were able to meet House Representative Mark McElroy and House Speaker Matthew Shepherd.  Since the House and the Senate were both in session, the group took time to go up to the gallery and view the House of Representatives formal session.  They saw and heard many new bills voted on and discussed.  The students said that although everything was very neat, their favorite room was the governor's press room, where he holds his daily/weekly press conferences live for the people of Arkansas.  We are very proud of our students and the work they put in to overcome challenges and to succeed in school and beyond.