Parent & Family Engagement Plan

School Letter Grade Status:  “B”

Grade Levels-6-8

Parent Involvement Coordinator - Courtny Barnett

Parent Involvement Committee Members:

Rachel Mitchell - Principal

Courtny Barnett-  DMS School Counselor

Laura Beth Place and Candace Coleman - Math/Literacy Coach 

Krystal Harrison - Resource teacher

Emily Fisher - Family works and consumer science 

Tiffanie Hearn- Parent Advisory

Whitney Meadors- Community Representative/Advisor

Student Representatives:  8th Grade- Harlyn Padgett and Korri Graham; and 7th Grade- Gracey Lloyd and Jackson Chambless; and 6th Grade-  Cannon Craig and Emery Neukam.  

  1. The school website is available for parents to access homework/test assignments, grades can be accessed by PIN numbers assigned at the beginning of school. Parents and teachers can email each other concerning students.  Open house will be held at the beginning of the year to distribute information concerning students. Letters will be sent home as needed to help inform parents of workshops and meetings. Information will be given to the local newspapers and radio stations to distribute information about meetings, workshops, and dates of interest. Report cards will be distributed every 4 weeks regarding the academic progress of students.

  1. The school will hold open houses and regular Parent /Teacher Conferences to increase parent involvement and build staff and parent capacity to share information. The Parent/Teacher Conferences are held in September and February of the school year. The school will encourage parents by using: fundraisers, classroom speakers, tutors, book fair helpers, field trip volunteers, open houses, and other methods to help parents be involved with their students.

  1. We will provide information to parents about volunteer opportunities by providing the state mandated training as well as linking the Department of Education website with all its resources to the school website to be accessible to parents. The district/school will provide a minimum of 2 hours of professional development designed to enhance understanding of effective parental involvement strategies.

  1. School staff, parents, and students will develop a school-parent-student compact which will outline how all three share the responsibility for improving student academic achievement. 

  1. The school will enable the formation of a Parent Teacher Association that will foster better parental/community involvement within the school.

  1. Resources for parents will be provided in a variety of ways. These shall include a parent center in the library with resources parents may check out, handouts at open houses and Parent/ Teacher conferences, computer access to grades and teachers for communication purposes, and the school counselor.

  1. The school/district will hold an annual meeting to evaluate the Title 1-Part A through an evaluation using the data from a needs assessment survey filled out by stakeholders such as teachers, parents, and staff. This survey will address topics such as the needs of parents and students.

  1. The results from the parent interest surveys will be used to make decisions about the effectiveness of school programs, professional development, planning parental involvement activities, and editing the ACSIP plan of the school.

The DeWitt School District and DeWitt Middle School developed a Ready for Learning Task Force Committee for the 2021-2022 school year.  A committee will reconvene and reassess decisions made and alter them as needed to fit the present times.  The purpose of this committee is to develop plans and procedures in an effort to have a successful school year.  We will focus on learning, while being aware of the latest COVID-19 recommendations and restrictions. Our committee members will provide feedback for all decisions made during this time.