Beginning March 30, Arkansas PBS will begin broadcasting programming in response to mandatory school closures due to COVID-19. Arkansas AMI is streamlined, curriculum-based programming for the state’s pre-K through eighth grade students that was created in partnership with the Arkansas Department of Education.

DES, DMS & GES Arkansas PBS AMI Information

DeWitt Elementary School, Gillett Elementary School, and DeWitt Middle School have decided to go with Arkansas PBS AMI work for the remainder of the time that we are out of school. We will be doing this work until April 17. If schools are closed for longer than that, we will continue with this alternative method of instruction until school resumes.

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1. Students will watch PBS (Channel 2) during their designated time each day. We will share a schedule with you. If you miss the show on tv, a link will also be available to allow your students to watch online at a later time.

2. We will be sharing a weekly resource guide to go along with the shows. These are suggested activities to extend the learning after the programming. Students are encouraged to work with their families on the activities, but they will not be required to turn anything in. We will share these guides via Facebook and on Google Classrooms, but we will not be printing hard copies.

3. Some teachers may be sharing videos, chats, or other things via email or Google Classroom in an effort to connect with their students. Please ask your students to check their email frequently each week if they are able to do so. (Younger elementary students may not use school emails, so this pertains to just the students who know how to access their school email accounts and Google Classrooms.)

4. If your student has lost their AMI Day work 1-10, we ask that starting today, they follow the PBS Schedule and resource guide that we will be sharing on our social media pages.

5. Please follow our school & district Facebook pages as we will also share lots of educational and fun links to activities that students and families can take part in. We will use this and our school wide texting systems to keep us all connected.

6. Students at DMS can log in to iReady to complete both math and reading lessons. We are asking that they do one math and one reading lesson per week. If they do this each week we are out, we will reward them with a PIZZA PARTY once we return. If you need your iReady login and password, email Ms. Deane at:

7. If you are at DES you can contact Ms. Helen Rone for your iReady login and password, Any DES Student who participates in iReady Lessons can earn Dragon Bucks when we return to school.

8. We ask that you take time each day to read. 30 minutes per day is a great goal.

9. If you need any assistance, you can reach out to the schools via phone, and a message will be delivered to a staff member that can assist you. DES: 870-946-4651; GES: 870-548-2466; and DMS: 870-946-3708.

10. Remember that we will continue to deliver lunches. For the safety of our staff and our students and their families, we will only be going to the designated drop-off points at the designated times. Pick up locations are posted on our Facebook pages and our district website:

Weekly Schedules